​​Zoning Administration

Lisa Amara, Zoning Director
Wendy Hernandez, Deputy Director


The Zoning Division Administration Section oversees the operation and management of the Division.  Specific functions within the Section include:

  • Maintain and update the Zoning Division's Geographic Information Systems (GIS) data and technology within the PZB electronic application processing program (ePZB)
  • Establish and maintain Zoning Application fees/refunds (see Fees)
  • Maintain the Zoning Division Policy Procedure Manuals (PPM) (see Zoning Quick Links) 
  • Coordinate assignments across Zoning Sections
  • Conduct Board of County Commissioners’ Administrative Inquiries.
  • Manage Business Tax Receipts and Liquor Licenses
  • Manage the Zoning Front Desk and phone inquires
  • Manage the Publications and Public Relations for the Division, including coordinating public records requests and the File Room, including providing certified site plans, petition files and resolutions for viewing at the Division or reproduction within a resonable time frame upon request.