Zoning Administration

Lisa Amara, Zoning Director
Wendy Hernandez, Deputy Director

​Administrative Staff Contact List

Administrative Section oversees the operations of the Zoning Division to ensure consistency in the review and approval of the Zoning application processes as well as providing an adequate range of services for the public, which includes the following:

  • Implement technology (ePZB) to facilitate online Zoning information
  • Establish and maintain Zoning Application fees/refunds (see Fees)
  • Establish Policy Procedure Manuals (PPM) to provide clarification of Zoning review and application of Code (see Zoning Quick Links) 
  • Provide Training on the Unified Land Development Code to the Private sector upon request (see Current News Release)
  • Monitor Board Appointments
  • Conduct Board of County Commissioners’ Administrative Inquiries.
  • Public Services related to Public Record Requests, Zoning file requests, notarization and certification of documents pertaining to Zoning applications, verbatims and site plans.
    For additional information please visit our "Public Relations" ​website.​​