Permit Review/Landscape

Melissa Matos
Principal Site Planner

Permit Review/Landscape Staff Contact List

Please submit your Building permit inquires to the Zoning Reviewer directly via email (as listed on your permit comments) or contact Zoning Main at 561-233-5200. Please include our permit number with all inquires.

This Section is responsible for reviewing and approving Building Division permit applications to ensure compliance with the United Land Development Code (ULDC) Regulations, prior site plan approvals, and conditions of approval.

Permit Review:
The Permit Review Staff is in charge of reviewing and approving Building Division permit applications for new projects and revisions or improvements to existing buildings that falls within the following categories; Commercial, Recreational, Institutional, Agricultural Utility, Transportation, Commercial Towers and Multifamily development. Staff is also responsible to verify that all Building Permits and related applications comply with all applicable articles of the Unified Land Development Code (ULDC) and review prior Site Plan approvals to ensure compliance with the approval and Conditions of Approval granted by the Board of County Commission (BCC), Zoning Commission (ZC), Design review Officer (DRO). Building Permits are review on a first come first serve rule.

Landscape Section:
Landscape Staff is responsible for reviewing and approving Building Division permit applications for issuance of a Landscape Permit and Temporary Vegetation Barricade Permits during the permitting process. Staff perform Preliminary, Final, Annual and Monitoring Inspections at different stages of the development and construction process. Staff coordinate with Environmental Resource Management (ERM) in reference to Florida Native Vegetation, Preservation of Vegetation pursuant to Article 7.E; and, with Code Enforcement (CE) in order to ensure proper adherence to Landscape requirements.

Building / Zoning Liaison
This position was created in 2019 to have a coordinated effort between the Building and Zoning Divisions to expedite the Permit Review process as it relates to Zoning regulation and to relay information regarding the Zoning and Building review processes that will benefit our customers. The liaison also ensures permits are being routed to Zoning/Landscape Section per the Permit Description Codes and assists Building Division staff in the applicability of ULDC requirements pursuant to PPM ZO-O-068.

Community Development

William Cross, AICP
Principal Site Planner

CD Staff Contact List

The Community Development (CD) Section is responsible for coordinating the review and recommendations from several County and other affiliated government agencies in the review of applications which require review and/or approval by the Zoning Commission (ZC) and/or the Board of County Commissioners (BCC). The Section is also responsible for managing the Development Review Officer (DRO) administrative review and approval of plans through the Administrative Process.

The ZC and BCC Public Hearings and DRO Meetings are held once a month in accordance with the Official Zoning Division Calendar. This Section is responsible for reviewing and making recommendations for applications requiring Board of County Commissioner’s (BCC) and/or Zoning Commission (ZC) approval.

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