Loxahatchee Groves Incorporation 2006-2011

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Comprehensive Plan
These documents were in effect at the time of incorporation.

Capital Improvement Housing
Capital Improvement With Tables ​Intergov. Coordination
Coastal Management Introduction & Administration
Conservation Library Service
Economic Recreation & Open Space
Fire Rescue Services Public School Facilities
Future Land Use Transportation
​Health & Human Services Utilities
Historic Preservation


Unified Land Development Code
The ULDC, by a provision in the Loxahatchee Groves Charter, shall be the code in effect at the time the town was incorporated, which is October 12, 2006.

Article 1Article 7Article 13
Article 2Article 8Article 14
Article 3Article 9Article 15
Arti​cle 4Article 10Article 16
Article 5Article11Article 17
Article 6Article 12Article 18