​​​​​​​Monitoring Section


For Monitoring assistance please call (561) 233-5322 or email us

Melissa Michael - mmichael@pbc.gov

Sheri Hack - shack@​pbc.gov

The purpose of the Monitoring Section is to ensure compliance with Development Orders and Conditions of Approval in a timely manner, through a mandatory review process.  

Procedures established in ULDC Article 2E​​ create a system that ensures timely commencement and completion of development, compliance with conditions of approval and revocation or modification of development approvals.​ 

Time Extensions 


Per ULDC Article 2.E, an Applicant may file for an Administrative Time Extension to the Executive Director, or designee. The Executive Director, or designee, may grant an extension of time to comply with a requirement and shall consider changed circumstances or mitigating factors that prevent compliance.

State of Emergency

Per Section 252.363, F.S.​, the declaration of a state of emergency issued by the Governor for a natural emergency tolls the period remaining to exercise the rights under a permit or other authorization for the duration of the emergency declaration.​