Evaluation and Appraisal Report 2004


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Pursuant to Section 163.3191, F.S., "each local government shall adopt an evaluation and appraisal report (EAR) once every seven years assessing the progress in implementing the local government's comprehensive plan." The Florida Department of Community Affairs (DCA) has established a phased schedule for the adoption of EARs based on the requirements in Section 163.3191(9), F.S., as amended in 1998.

Palm Beach County's EAR was adopted by the BCC on October 19, 2004. On October 22, 2004 the EAR was submitted to DCA. A letter of sufficiency from DCA was received on January 4, 2005. All EAR-based amendments to the Comprehensive Plan are due 18 months after DCA finds the EAR sufficient. The detailed Timeline for completing the County's EAR is included in this page. It spans from February of 2003 through June of 2006, including the 18 months to adopt all EAR-based comprehensive plan amendments.

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Final EAR Report (Adopted EAR):

The Board of County Commissioners adopted the EAR at the October 19, 2004 Public Hearing.

The EAR Report is available for viewing in Adobe PDF format. You may view the entire Report or individual Chapters.

Complete Adopted EAR Report in PDF format 
     Title Page, Table of Contents & Executive Summary 
     Chapter 1 - Community Wide Assessment 
     Chapter 2 - Major Issues 
     Chapter 3 - Assessment of Elements 
     Chapter 4 - Special Topics 
     Chapter 5 - Public Participation 
     Submittal Letter to DCA
Tier Map
Developable Land Map
Future Land Use Map


Public Participation:


Isaac Hoyos
Project Manager
Palm Beach County
Planning Division
Ed Fernandez
Project Coordinator
Palm Beach County
Planning Division


Public Workshops & Hearings
Public Participation

Land Use & Water Supply Pilot Community Project:

Linking Land Use & Water Supply Planning

Palm Beach County has been designated by the Florida Department of Community Affairs as one of the five Pilot Communities providing an early implementation of new State requirements to link land use and water supply planning.  These communities are located in each of the water management districts and were selected to provide a diversity of community situations and sizes.  The intent of the pilot projects is to gain experience and fine-tune the State's assistance to local governments in Florida for the  preparation of plan amendments and programs to link land use and water supply planning.

Isaac Hoyos
Principal Planner
Palm Beach County
Planning Division
Volume 1
Volume 2
Volume 3

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