​​​​Notice of Proposed Code Changes for Compliance Monitoring of Rental Workforce Housing Units

Changes are proposed to the Workforce Housing Program (WHP) Code to enhance compliance monitoring of rental workforce housing units. The key compliance monitoring changes include:

  • replacing the current annual reporting process, which attempts to look back over the past year, with a real-time compliance determination process at or before lease execution;
  • establishing timeframes for required actions and thresholds for compliance; and
  • replacing the current utility allowance provision with a more clearly defined structure for assessment of utility and other fees relative to the stipulated WHP rent.
Additional changes are also proposed to clarify existing aspects of the program, update terms, relocate provisions to reflect the order of steps, and remove obsolete text. 

Proposed code changes do not address broader concepts of where and how higher densities could be accommodated in the unincorporated County, nor policy concepts related to the WHP such as the in lieu fee or the required percentages; any changes related to those topics would be addressed in a separate effort. 

The proposed code changes can be viewed here
An Evaluation of Financial Impacts from Proposed WHP Administrative Revisions, prepared by BAE Urban Economics for Palm Beach County, can be viewed here​.
The August 16 Interested Party Meeting presentation can be viewed here​.

Interested parties are invited to review the proposed code changes and provide comments and suggestions. You may do so by submitting these to mbello@pbcgov.org and/or participating in a Webex meeting, where staff will briefly present the proposed changes, answer questions, and collect comments. The meeting will be held on Wednesday, August 16th at 1PM, via the following link:

Event number: 2308 970 1964
Event password: workforce
Call in phone number: 1-844-621-3956​

Following this review, the proposed code changes will be proposed for adoption in the public hearing process; as an interested party, you will receive notification as these items move forward. Upon adoption of the code changes, information/training sessions will be scheduled for interested property managers.