​​​​​Historic Resources Review Board

Christian Davenport

Historic Preservation Officer and Archaelogist  


The purpose of the Historic Resources Review Board (HRRB) is to advise the Board of County Commissioners on how to best identify, preserve, promote and protect the archaeological and historical resources of Palm Beach County. The HRRB is required per the County's Certified Local Government (CLG) status. The HRRB meets a minimum of four times per year. Meetings are held at the Vista Center, 1st Floor, Room 1W-47, 2300 N. Jog Road, West Palm Beach, Florida 3341.


Historic Resources Review Board Agendas

collapse Year : 2024 ‎(3)
collapse Year : 2023 ‎(9)
collapse Year : 2022 ‎(10)
collapse Year : 2021 ‎(10)
collapse Year : 2020 ‎(3)


Archive HRRB Agendas


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Contact the Historic Preservation Officer and

Archaeologist, Christian Davenport at 561-233-5331

or the HRRB Planning Technician at 561-233-5326

for any questions or more information