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These are rental fees charged per day for facility use. Separate rate schedules will be applied based upon the portion of the facility used. Please contact the Amphitheater Manager at 561-966-7030 for further information, or click on the Amphitheater link: Palm Beach County Amphitheaters.

A two hundred dollar ($200) booking fee is due and payable upon application. The booking fee is applied to balance before final fees are calculated.

Events cancelled less than 45 days of the event date are subject to the loss of all or a portion of the $200.00 booking fee and/or facility rental fees.

General Liability Insurance which should include product liability coverage listing Palm Beach County as certificate holder and additional insured is required. The minimum insurance limit is in the amount of $1 million. As an alternative to purchasing insurance on your own, Palm Beach County offers a tenant, user, liability insurance policy (T.U.L.I.P) which clients may purchase on a per day basis(subject to exclusions). Costs are determined by the type of event as well as the attendance. This T.U.L.I.P policy offers liquor liability ONLY available in conjunction with the purchase of general liability. Contracted vendors and other coverage's may be available through the T.U.L.I.P. policy for an additional fee. Please speak with your special event representative for requirements and fees.

These are rental fees charged per day for facility use. A daily use fee will be charged for each day utilized for the event, set-up, breakdown, and those days deemed by the County to impact facilities.

      • Use fee without pavilion
      • Use with each pavilion
      • Use of each corporate pavilion

This is a refundable deposit required for all events. The amount of this deposit will start at $300, and will be due in the form of a separate check or credit card six-weeks prior to your scheduled event. All or a portion of this deposit may be forfeited due to unsatisfactory facility condition, non compliance or breach of contract, non return of issued key or additional costs incurred by the County, or for event cancellation less than six-weeks prior to scheduled date.

Impact and permit fees are determined upon review of the application.

These are fees charged for maintenance, security, directional parking, etc requested by the permittee or deemed necessary by the County due to event impact or requirements.

      • Parks maintenance staff (overtime) and equipment
      • Parks electrician (overtime rate)
      • Parking Attendants
      • Palm Beach Sheriff's Officers

Taxes on rentals, reimbursable labor, and/or sales are the responsibility of the permittee. If you are tax exempt, a valid State of Florida Consumer's Certificate of Exemption must be provided at the time of application.

Total fees are estimated approximately two months prior to an event and are due and payable six-weeks prior to the event. Additional fees required or deemed necessary by County will be due and payable immediately following your event.