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The following are some commonly asked questions regarding the permit process.

What is the Permitting Process?

If you are interested in hosting an event at a Palm Beach County Facility, complete a special event application. You can mail or drop off the event application, three hundred dollar ($300) booking fee, and tax exempt certificate, (if applicable), to the address below.

After receipt and review of your application, you will be notified by the Special Events section regarding the availability of the requested facility and event date.  Depending upon the type of event, there may be additional fees and requirements necessary to complete the permitting process.

  • Mail Completed Application To:
    Palm Beach County Parks and Recreation Department
    Special Events
    2700 6th Avenue South
    Lake Worth, FL  33461

How do I reserve a park for my event?

1) Contact one of our Event Specialists​ to inquire about available dates, and parks.

2) Once a date has been confirmed as available, we will need a completedspecial event a​pplication, along with a three hundred dollar ($300) booking fee, in order to place a hold for your event.

3) After your date has been held, and your application has been reviewed, one of our Event Specialists will contact you to discuss all requirements needed for permitting your event.

 Please read the following information, regarding reserving one of our parks:
• The three hundred dollar ($300) booking fee only covers reserving our park for a specific date. Other fees may apply.
• If you are a non-profit charitable organization, please send in proof of non-profit status (in the form of 501 (c), 501 (c) 3 a State of Florida, Consumer’s Certificate of Exemption – Form DR-14).

When can I schedule an event?

A minimum of 180 days advance planning time is required for all special events. Some large scale events and festivals may require more time.

How long will it take to permit my event?

If you are not a for-profit company, the minimum permit process is three months. For larger events a minimum processing time of four to six months is suggested. Once you submit your forms, staff will contact you if additional time may be necessary due to the logistical requirements of your event.

What additional costs will there be and what amenities are included?

Costs will vary depending on the size and nature of your event and will be calculated following a review of your completed application. If you need additional days for setup, breakdown, or other areas of the park need to be reserved as part of your event to guarantee the safety of either your participants or general park users, there will be additional fees. Fees for any additional requirements (i.e. pavilion fees, impact fees, parking attendants, PBSO deputies, maintenance and trades staff) must be paid in advance by the user group. Arrangements for the rental of stages, tents, dumpster's and port-a-lets is the responsibility of the user. Parks provides the user with the assistance of the Special Events section and some routine services, as well as existing utilities, at no additional charge. All fees and requirements must be satisfied before a permit can be issued.

How is my security deposit handled?

A security deposit is required of all user groups. The total amount of the security deposit will start at $300, and will be due in the form of a separate check or credit card six-weeks prior to your scheduled event. The payment will be deposited and then refunded if NO additional damages or changes occur.

What is the Cancellation Policy?

Events cancelled less than 45 days of the event date are subject to the loss of all or a portion of the three hundred dollar ($300) booking fee ​and/or facility rental fees.