Youth Sport Providers at West Boynton Park

Youth Baseball

Youth Soccer
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West Boynton Recreation Center Rules 

  • Meetings may be in session, lower voices in the hallway.
  • Food and drink are to b​e enjoyed in the hallway and lobby areas only.
  • Use the front entrance for exiting the building.
  • Shirts and shoes are to be worn at all times.
  • Tobacco products, alcohol and illicit drugs are prohibited.
  • Running is only permitted in the gymnasium.
  • Pants or shorts must be worn around the waist.​

Facility Rental Information

Facility Rental Fees
Facility Rental Request Form

If you are submitting a request by fax or email, please contact West Boynton Recreation Center at 561-355-1125 to confirm that your request has been received.

If sending by email, click on the submit form in the upper right hand corner of the PDF.  
If sending by fax, dial 561-355-1134.​

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