Palm Beach County is home to a variety of native ecosystems. Small variations in elevation, water salinity, soil type, and fire frequency dictate which plant community will prevail. Within the parks system you can experience Coastal Dunes and Strands, Cypress swamps, Florida scrub, Hardwood hammocks, Lakes, Mangrove swamps, Maritime hammocks, Marshes, Pine flatwoods, and Ponds. It is our intent that native ecosystems within the park system are managed and operated in an environmentally sensitive manner.

This will ensure their survival and the habitat that they provide through our parks system. Checkout the slideshow above to view some of the native ecosystems found within our park system.

NOTICE:  The Florida Forestry Service in conjunction with the Palm Beach County Parks and Recreation Department will be conducting a series of prescribed burns at Riverbend Park between March 6 - August 31, 2023. A prescribed burn is an intentional fire set under carefully controlled conditions to achieve certain land management objectives. The objectives of these burns are to reduce dead and dense vegetation, to improve habitat for wildlife and restore nutrients to the soil. Planning is under way to ensure that the burn will be done safely and efficiently. Details​

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