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Special Olympics Young Athletes program

Young children ages 2 -7  with Intellectual Disabilities such as Autism and Down Syndrome can run, jump, kick a ball and play just like all the other kids through our Special Olympics Young Athletes program. This early childhood sports play program includes games, fun physical activities, songs and lead up sports focusing on physical, social, intellectual and developmental needs.

Our young athletes learn basic sports skills like running dashes, batting, throwing a ball and playing with others. While having fun, they are developing motor skills, coordination, balance, sports play skills, sportsmanship, teamwork, social and language skills.

These varying skills are important for their overall success in life, not just as athletes. This also helps them prepare to participate in traditional sports programs when they are older, including those offered by Special Olympics. Traditional Special Olympics sports continues where Young Athletes ends at age 8 and can provide lifelong involvement in physical activities, teamwork and social opportunities.

We offer 2 different types of Young Athletes programs:

Community-based Young Athletes program

special olympicsChildren and families play together, giving everyone the opportunity to get involved in the fun in this Saturday morning, family involvement physical activity and sports play program; helping the children and families to grow, develop and realize potential together. The program is free, classes are divided by basic skill level and ability of the athletes.​

School-based Young Athletes program

Young Athletes programs can be conducted by teachers in the school for pre-K and elementary school children ages 2 -7 with intellectual disabilities and inclusive classes. Special Olympics Florida - Palm Beach County will provide hands on training, Lesson Plans and Curriculum Guide, a sports play equipment kit, children's T-shirts, and participation ribbons.

For information about the Young Athletes program, please contact Rich Fleming at 561-966-7019