Provides a competitive compensation strategy in an effort towards retaining our most valuable asset, our employees. The core services include: Compensation, Human Resources Information System (HRIS), Payroll, Records, and Retirement. This Section’s responsibilities include:

  • Compensation updating the class and pay plan, writing and maintaining all job descriptions, conducting classification reviews, and reviewing/approving position descriptions;
  • HRIS ensuring system security, updating and maintaining position control, and facilitating end-user training;
  • Payroll updating the payroll manual, administering and interpreting payroll policies and procedures, auditing departmental payroll records and facilitating end-user training;
  • Records processing all personnel related actions, maintaining employee personnel records and verifying employment status;
  • and Retirement coordinating the Florida Retirement System (FRS), Deferred Compensation, and Prepaid Legal plans and providing educational workshops for employees related to these plans.