APPLICATION LAUNCH DATE - Friday, May 22, 2020 at 8:00 am and end on June 12, 2020

(25 Employees or Fewer)


Allocation: $50,000,000

Assistance Offered: $25,000 maximum award (Grants & Forgivable Loans received by businesses related to COVID-19 will be reduced from eligible maximum award)


  • Business has 25 employees or fewer
  • Business has been operating since October 1, 2019 and was still operating on February 29, 2020
  • Business is located in Palm Beach County
  • Business is not a publicly traded company
  • Business is not a non-profit organization
  • Business does not exceed $3 million in total gross receipts or sales
    • Businesses with 25 or less employees and total gross receipts or sales of $3-5M will be funded from the $10M allocation

Examples of Eligible Businesses

  • Agriculture
  • Child Care Centers
  • Gyms & Fitness Studios
  • Hair Salons, Nail Salons, Barber Shops
  • Health Care Services & Medical Offices
  • Professional Services
    Based on NAICS Codes
  • Restaurants, Caterers, Bakeries
  • Retail – Physical Brick/Mortar Store

Eligible Uses

  • Salaries/Payroll
  • Inventories
  • Commercial Lease, Mortgage, or Rent Payments
  • Utilities
  • Other Expenses - due to new safety provisions

Required Documents

  • Fully executed application, including certifications, affirmations, and acknowledgements
  • Financial information such as tax returns and payroll report
  • Active Palm Beach County Business Tax Receipt OR Written Statement attesting to your business exemption
  • Active copy of your Registered Business as shown on SunBiz.Org


  • To support businesses most affected by COVID 19


  • Minimum number of business helped under this program is 2000,  if maximum award is granted
  • Completed applications will be processed in the order that they were received
  • PBC will be partnering with S/M/WBE vendors to process business grant applications

Statistics: FL Department of Economic Opportunity 2018 employment data

  • 58% of businesses in Palm Beach County have 5 or less employees
  • 20% of businesses in Palm Beach County have 6-25 employees
  • 22% of businesses in Palm Beach County have over 25 employees