​Local Roads Section

Prepares and reviews road, local road and intracoastal waterway bridge widening and replacement plans, specifications, right of way maps, permit applications and contract documents for non-thoroughfare capital improvement projects, pathway projects, maintenance projects and other miscellaneous projects including grant projects.

MSTU - Municipal Service Taxing Unit

Is responsible for managing the MSTU Program which provides Paving & Drainage Improvements throughout the unincorporated Palm Beach County and Water and Sewer Improvements in some areas of the County that are not serviced by PBC Water Utilities Department. The MSTU Section also works with the Countywide Community Revitalization Team to provide improvements in Office of Community Revitalization designated areas.


Is responsible for coordinating railroad crossing agreements and maintenance funding for those crossings associated with County roads and facilities.



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(MSTU, Railroads & Pathways)

Kristine Frazell-Smith, P.E.,

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pdf iconBelvedere Heights - Phase I


Project Manager - Sandra Ospina, P.E.
 email link iconsospina@pbcgov.org


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