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Regenia Herring
Executive Director
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Damir Kukec
Manager, Planning and Research
​​ Allison Orr 
Allison L. Orr
Administrative Assistant
Rosalind Murray   
Rosalind Murray
      Senior Criminal Justice Analyst

Katherine Hatos  
Katherine E. Shover 
Senior Criminal Justice Analyst
bradley allen 
Brad Allen
​Criminal  Justice Analyst​ 
Carigma Candee 
Candee Villapando 
Criminal Justice Analyst
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​Dawn Caveness-Davenport
​Criminal Justice Analyst



The Palm Beach County Board of County Commissioners provides funding to staff the CJC along with County Trust Funds collected through criminal court cases and grants.

The CJC the forum for review of any policy, procedure, program, grant, legislation, or issue that impacts the criminal justice system in the County.

The CJC operates through a committee process and invites professionals, citizens, and interested parties from a wide range of disciplines to participate. Over 200 people volunteer their time and talents as shown in this report. The staff shown above, facilitate the various committees and projects, as well as, do the minutes, agendas, research, and behind-the-scenes consensus building.