The Executive Committee is composed of 12 CJC members (5 public sector and 7 private sector). Its officers are the same as those for the Full CJC. It meets monthly to review items before they are heard by the Full CJC. Its smaller membership is intended to allow for a more detailed review of items and to screen issues before recommendations are made to the Full CJC. 


​Private Sector

expand Click Here : Barbara Cheives, President, Converge & Associates Consulting ‎(1)
expand Click Here : Christina Morrison, Christina Morrison P.A., CPM ‎(1)
expand Click Here : Dr. Rachel Docekal, Lyrae Group, LLC ‎(1)
expand Click Here : Joseph Ianno, Jr. ,  Florida Power & Light Company ‎(1)
expand Click Here : Randolph K. Johnson, President, Communications by Johnson, Inc. ‎(1)
expand Click Here : Reverend Kevin L. Jones, Tabernacle Baptist Church ‎(1)

​Public Sector

expand Click Here : Honorable Carey Haughwout, Public Defender, 15th Judicial Circuit ‎(1)
expand Click Here : Honorable Dave Aronberg, State Attorney, 15th Judicial Circuit ‎(1)
expand Click Here : Honorable Dave Kerner, Member, Board of County Commissioners District 3 ‎(1)
expand Click Here : Honorable Krista Marx, Chief Judge 15th Judicial Circuit ‎(1)
expand Click Here : Nellie King,  Member, PBC Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers ‎(1)

​Ex-Officio Members

expand Click Here : Dr. Donald E. Fennoy, II  Palm Beach County School Superintendent ‎(1)
expand Click Here : Gerald Richman,  Fisher,Potter, Hodas PLLC ‎(1)