The Criminal Justice Commission (CJC) was established by County Ordinance in 1988 to study all aspects of the criminal justice and crime prevention systems within the federal, state, county, municipal and private agencies within the county. This purpose shall include the study of the health and human services and educational systems, among others, as they pertain to criminal justice or crime prevention.


Cultivate and enrich local criminal justice practice, policy, and program development by serving as a catalyst to bring together criminal justice and related agencies in partnerships


  • To provide overall coordination to law enforcement and crime prevention efforts in the county;
  • To provide an efficient, cost effective and timely criminal justice system in the county; and
  • To affect the reduction of crime in the county on a permanent basis.

Core Values

  • An efficient, effective, and timely criminal justice system is vital for the health, safety, and welfare of the County's citizens
  • Crime is best addressed through cooperative efforts that involve both public and private sectors
  • Neutral leadership is the best foundation for examining issues in a fair and independent process (not directed by any single criminal justice agency)
  • Decisions made by a consensus of all interested parties is fundamental to unity
  • An open forum for the discussion of issues is imperative for genuine and candid debate
  • Success is more certain when all interested parties have a say in crafting solutions
  • Expertise and experience of local professionals is an invaluable knowledge base to draw upon
  • Successful model programs and national/international trends can benefit local communities
  • Courage to seek bold innovative approaches produces remarkable results

The Palm Beach County Criminal Justice Commission (CJC)

The CJC was created by a Palm Beach County ordinance in 1988. It has 21 public sector members representing local, state, and federal criminal justice and governmental agencies, and 11 private sector business leaders representing the Economic Council of Palm Beach County, and 1 clergy member nominated by a variety of clergy associations in the county representing a broad-range of faiths.

The CJC thrives on challenge. Crime affects everyone in some way. The CJC believes in a holistic approach to addressing the crime problem involving practically every branch of government in collaboration with the private sector and citizens. The CJC has had great success in building partnerships among criminal justice and related agencies. CJC members take their role seriously and dedicate much of their own time and effort toward making the system more effective. Residents of Palm Beach County can be proud that their local officials and private citizens come together on a regular basis to make the local system of justice the best it can be.

County officials and business leaders built a unique partnership when they created the CJC. The theory of government and business working as a team to solve the problems of a community was unique. The CJC remains the statewide model for Florida. There are other similar entities, but they differ from the CJC in the areas of inclusion of business leaders and process.

The CJC has succeeded in creating partnerships among criminal justice, government, businesses, and community agencies in the County. Uniting public and private forces, the CJC has created community programs, developed and implemented plans for a more efficient criminal justice system, and succeeded in finding new sources of program funds. Through the partnerships it has created, the CJC strives to achieve its ultimate goal – strengthening the criminal justice system in Palm Beach County. The CJC works on a variety of issues that impact the local criminal justice system in different ways, including crime prevention, courts, law enforcement, corrections, reducing costs, and improving effectiveness and efficiency.

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