The purpose of the PME sub-committee is to monitor and report on the performance of programs funded by the Criminal Justice Commission. This work is intended to help facilitate discussion and efforts to improve programs under the auspices of the Criminal Justice Commission. The sub-committee directs monitoring and evaluation activities conducted by Commission staff on behalf of the Palm Beach County Criminal Justice Commission.


Initial PME Review - March 26, 2012

PME Framework Report -September 19, 2012 
Final Draft - Performance Indicators - PME & SP (Oct 19, 2012) 
Proposed Definition - Performance Indicators - PME & SP (July 24, 2013) 
Adopted by CJC - Minimal Performance Indicators - Reports _November 25, 2013 
PME 2014 FULL REPORT (20-FEB-2015) 


Nellie L. King, Chair (Criminal Defense Lawyers Association)
Lee Waring, Past Chair (Seaside National Bank & Trust)
Carey Haughwout, Public Defender
Alan Johnson, State Attorney’s Office

Performance Dashboard

excel icon PME - DASHBOARD B2 (Published 20-FEB-2015)