Table of Contents

Section 1:  Ryan White Treatment Extension Act
PDF A. Brief History and Overview
Section 2: Part A Eligibility and Services Information
PDF A. Service Category Definitions
PDF B. Eligibility Criteria
PDF C. Palm Beach County Ryan White Part A Eligibility Procedures Manual
PDF D. Eligibility Policy
PDF E. Florida HIV/AIDS Case Management Operating Guidelines
PDF F. Pharmacy Formulary
PDF G. Directory of Service Providers
PDF H. Grantee Organizational Chart and Directory of Staff Members
Section 3: Administrative Information - Provider Contract, Budget, and Reimbursement Processes
PDF A. Allocation and Contracting Process
PDF B. Contractual Agreements
C. Contract Forms
  PDF a. Contract/Amendment Package Checklist
  Excel b. Work Plan Template
  Excel c. Service Category Budget Template
  PDF d. Assurances - Non Construction Program
  PDF e. Assurance of Compliance
  PDF f. Certifications
  Excel g. Total Agency Budget Template
PDF E. OMB Circular A-133
Section 4: Monitoring and Care Standards
PDF A. Overview of Contract Monitoring Process
PDF B. Quality Management Plan
C. Palm Beach County Monitoring Tools
  PDF a. Contract Evaluation Report
  PDF b. Fiscal Monitoring Tool
  PDF c. HIV/AIDS Eligibility Checklist
D. Palm Beach County Standards of Care
  PDF a. Outpatient Ambulatory Medical Care
  PDF b. Oral Health
  PDF c. Early Intervention Services
  PDF d. Emergency Financial Assistance
  PDF e. Food
  PDF f. Health Insurance Continuation
  PDF g. Home and Community Based Health Care
  PDF h. Emergency Housing
  PDF i. Legal Services
  PDF j. Medical Case Management
  PDF k. Medical Transportation
  PDF l. Mental Health Services
  PDF m. Non Medical Case Management
  PDF n. Emergency Financial Assistance-Prior Authorization
  PDF o. Medical Nutritional Therapy
  PDF p. Specialty Medical Services
  PDF q. Substance Abuse Services

PDF r. Cultural and Linguistic SOC

s. PDFLocal Pharmaceutical Assistance Program

E. HAB HIV Performance Measures
F. HRSA Monitoring Standards
  PDF a. Part A Program Monitoring Standards
  PDF b. Part A Fiscal Monitoring Standards
  PDF c. Universal Monitoring Standards
  PDF d. Monitoring Standards Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Section 5: Data - Collection, Sharing, and Reporting
PDF A. Overview – Data – Collection, Sharing, and Reporting
PDF B. Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)
PDF C. Provide Enterprise Manual
PDF D. Ryan White Services Report (RSR) – Instruction Manual
PDF E. Women, Infant, Children, and Youth (WICY) Report – Overview
PDF F. Ryan White Eligibility Assessment Tool User Guide
Section 6: Additional Resources
PDF A. HIV AIDS Bureau (HAB) Notices
PDF B. HRSA Ryan White Part A Manual
PDF C. Comprehensive Needs Assessment 2013-2016
PDF D. Comprehensive Plan 2012-2015
PDF E. Glossary of Terms

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