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CARE Council Committees

The Palm Beach County HIV CARE Council has eight standing committees.  Each committee establishes a meeting schedule ranging from 6-12 meetings a year.  Committee membership is not limited to CARE Council members.  If you are interested in one of the committees, please see a Council member or Staff for more information.


Community Awareness

  • Conducts outreach to HIV/AIDS service consumers
  • Informal liaison to bring consumer issues to CARE Council
  • Identifies ways to reach people living with HIV/AIDS and communities served
  • Shares ideas for engaging people living with HIV/AIDS in CARE Council work



  • Limited to CARE Council Executive members: Includes the Chair, Vice Chair, Treasurer, Secretary, and Chair of each standing committee
  • Oversees the grant application process and implementation of policy or actions established by the CARE Council


Local Pharmaceutical Assistance Program

  • Works to ensure people living with HIV/AIDS receive necessary medication
  • Compiles a list of covered medications (formulary)

Ensures the system of care meets local and federal standards



  • Limited to CARE Council members
  • Identifies and recruits members for the CARE Council and committees
  • Trains new and existing members
  • Ensures CARE Council members reflect the HIV/AIDS epidemic in Palm Beach County

Quality Management & Evaluation Committee

  • Ensures HIV funded agencies comply with standards of care established by the CARE Council
  • Establishes Standards of Care for RW Part A service categories
  • Assists with other QM functions as needed



  • Develops major planning activities of the CARE Council
  • Works with other planning/funding entities in PBC to ensure inclusion of all needed and available resources
  • Develops  a county-wide Needs Assessment
  • Contributes to the Integrated Planning process for PBC
  • Develops and implements evaluation tools and programs


Priorities and Allocation

  • Uses data to establish a list of services to enhance the medical condition and improve quality of life for people living with HIV/AIDS
  • Prioritizes services and appropriately allocates funding


LGBTQ Health Equity Committee

  • Creating a platform where individuals are able to lend a significant voice to the issues, barriers and gaps in prevention, medical care and treatment, and biomedical intervention.
  • Conducting community outreach and improved engagement in the LGBTQ community.
  • Identifying barriers to linkages to care, treatment, and other social services to LGBTQ individuals infected/affected by HIV/AIDS.
  • Working with the Planning Committee on development of the CARE Council's Integrated Plan
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Contact Us

810 Datura Street
West Palm Beach
Florida 33401

Neeta Mahani
Ryan White CARE Council Coordinator
Phone: 561-355-4820​

Alliyah Tatah
Administrative Assistant to CARE Council Coordinator
Phone: (561)-355-3995 ext. 355-3995​

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