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Meeting the needs of a diverse community, such as that in Palm Beach County, Florida has taken considerable effort. Since the early 90's, with the availability of Ryan White CARE Act funds, the community has been empowered to bring together a wide number of people and institutions that had previously been addressing specific HIV/AIDS issues independently.

With the considerable resources of CARE Act programs, (initially Part B and later Part A) the county was positioned not only to increase availability of services, but to increase the infrastructure of the existing system of care. Most notable, Palm Beach County was able to design, build and operate a holistic system, meeting not only specific medical care needs of the infected population, but the social support services necessary to enhance quality of life. These services were extended to those affected by HIV/AIDS as well. Thus, those infected, by HIV Spectrum Disease were able to retain the family structures so important in keeping a level of emotional security and well being.

The documents referenced below are some that the community has utilized in producing the continuum. Many provide the guidance used in operating the system as well.

 Comprehensive Needs Assessment -

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