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Olympic Heights High School Climate Change Awareness Art Exhibit

Climate change is one of the most critical issues affecting our world today.  Unfortunately, many people remain unaware of the catastrophic implications of this global crisis.  One of the major effects of climate change is a rise in sea levels due to melting ice sheets, which makes areas like Florida especially sensitive to flooding.  In fact, studies have shown that Florida has more residents at risk from climate change than any other state.

In order to raise climate change awareness, eighteen-year-old Anya Al-Salem, a volunteer at Daggerwing Nature Center and president of the Clim-ACT-ivists Club at Olympic Heights High School, organized the second Climate Change Awareness art exhibit at Daggerwing Nature Center.  Many thanks to Ms. Ludy, Ms. Vargo, and Ms. Tobal for supporting this initiative and involving their students in this project.  

We hope this art exhibit sparks meaningful conversations and encourages you to take action.  Even the smallest steps, such as switching off your lights and hang-drying your clothes to reduce energy consumption, can make a significant difference in the long-run.  Walk, cycle, or use public transportation instead of taking your car.  Look into using renewable power.  If all of us pitch in, we can make a significant contribution toward ending climate change.


Attention teachers, photographers, and painters! Daggerwing has an art gallery where we display nature-related photos, paintings, and other artwork by students and local artists. Framed, matted, mounted, or un-mounted, we can display art of most sizes on our cable system!   

Exhibit Dimensions:

Left panel - 44” wide;  Center panel - 38 ½” wide;  Right panel - 44” wide.  Vertical distance from cable to cable is 18”. 

Artwork is typically displayed for one month.  If you’re interested in exhibiting your artwork, please contact the nature center. Reservations are taken on a first-come-first-served basis.

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