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Hammock Pointe Elementary School’s Art Club Display - December 2019 

With Mrs. Giveon’s leadership, the Art Club at Hammock Pointe Elementary School is a special group of talented and self-motivated students selected for their excellence in behavior and high aptitude in learning.  This team of young Naturalist Artists will participate in an upcoming naming and art contest for the new kingsnake at Daggerwing Nature Center.  In preparation for this contest, the students began researching and learning about this native reptile’s habitat and natural history through videos, books, and the internet.

Their new understanding inspired the artwork for this display, which showcases, in pastel painting techniques, their interpretation of the Florida kingsnake’s habitat.

In May, the students will complete the contest with acrylic paintings of the kingsnake itself and essays suggesting the new name!


Attention teachers, photographers, and painters! Daggerwing has an art gallery where we display nature-related photos, paintings, and other artwork by students and local artists. Framed, matted, mounted, or un-mounted, we can display art of most sizes on our cable system!   

Exhibit Dimensions:

Left panel - 44” wide;  Center panel - 38 ½” wide;  Right panel - 44” wide.  Vertical distance from cable to cable is 18”. 

Artwork is typically displayed for one month.  If you’re interested in exhibiting your artwork, please contact the nature center. Reservations are taken on a first-come-first-served basis.

 Art Gallery brochure

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