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Palm Beach County's Natural Areas Will Remain Closed Until Further Notice

Based on Palm Beach County (PBC) Emergency Order No. 2020-003, effective immediately, all PBC Natural Areas are closed to the public until further notice.  This order will remain in effect until the expiration of Palm Beach County's Declaration of Emergency or until terminated or amended by further order.

PBC's Department of Environmental Resources Management will continue to monitor the status of the COVID-19 pandemic in our area and will communicate any changes in the status of our PBC Natural Areas as those changes are made. 

Please be safe and continue to monitor our social media (@PBCERM on Facebook and Instagram) and website ( or for updates on the status of our PBC Natural Areas.  For updates on other PBC operations and services, please visit the county's dedicated COVID-19 page:

Sandhill Crane Wetlands
formerly known as C-18 Triangle

South of the C-18 Canal in the northwest corner of the Palm Beach Country Estates

Picture of flooded pine forest at Sandhill Crane Wetlands Natural Area

 A wonderland of wilderness and wetlands.

Open Sunrise to Sunset, 365 Days a Year

At a Glance     

Primitive swamp trompers paradise!

Over 130 acres of pristine wetland habitats are found at this site.  Mesic flatwoods, hydrick hammock, wet prairie, depression marsh, and dome swamp  span the property. During the rainy season (June - November) up to three feet of water fill the depression marshes leaving muddy circles on the land during the winter and spring dry seasons.  Whatever season you visit this site in, be sure to bring your water or mud shoes!        


  • Feeding and roosting habitats for wading birds
    including white ibis, tri-colored heron, snowy egret, and little blue heron
  • Wetland plants galore
    including red maple, pond apple, dahoon, sawgrass, and pond cypress
  • Part of the Jeaga Wildways.

Before You Go 

This site is accessible by pedestrian traffic only.

There is no designated parking area.