​ERM provides online access to securely donate to your favorite program or to support a local restoration project.  It's quick and easy and just a click away.

 Mooring Buoys

Donations will help protect both natural and artificial reefs and their inhabitants by funding maintenance and monitoring of the buoy system in several popular reef locations. Boaters, divers and fishermen will be able to safely moor their vessels to buoys instead of dropping anchor.

 Coastal Resources

Donations will be used to enhance and restore the coastal resources of Palm Beach County, including:
  • Lake Worth Lagoon: seagrass/mangroves/oysters
  • Artificial Reef creation
  • Protected Species: Sea Turtles & Manatees


 Natural Areas

Donations will be used to protect, manage and enhance over 31,000 acres of Palm Beach County's Natural Areas helping to maintain the county's native biological communities and encouraging the highest possible environmental quality.


Donations will be applied to various environmental programs and projects.