• Volunteer Event - Mangrove Planting

  • Volunteer Event - Trash Pick Up

  • Volunteer Event - Sand Pine Repotting

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Treasuring stewardship

Join ERM's team to preserve, protect, and restore your eco-treasures. Do you need community service hours or are you looking to give back your time and attention to the environment? We have many programs that allow volunteers to lend a hand once in awhile or on a regular basis. The choice is yours!

Sign up for a volunteer event

Short-term projects for busy individuals or a group who want to make a difference in their community. These "hands-on" environmental projects (plantings, trash cleanups, exotic plant removal) last three hours and do not require training or long-term commitment.

Become a Site Steward

Looking for dedicated volunteers who can work several hours a week for at least one year assisting ERM staff in managing local natural areas. Responsibilities include conducting inspections, maintaining trails, reporting damage, recording animal and plant observations, and assisting with volunteer work projects. Stewards will receive training, a handbook and t-shirt. 

Adopt-a-Natural Area

This program provides a framework for individuals, civic groups and businesses to help promote and maintain County-owned and managed natural areas through various means such as hosting guided tours at a natural area; promoting natural areas at nature/environmental events; participating in beautification projects such as trash clean ups, plantings or graffiti removal.

Get in the Know

Do you want to know when the next natural area is opened, how the sea turtle nesting numbers are stacking up, or what invasive exotic plant is causing problems for land managers? You can find the answers to these questions in the ERM's quarterly Environmental Times newsletter.

 Volunteering Made Fun

Watch Channel 20's Naturescope episode on ERM volunteers. Video

 Find of the Month


ERM finds the strangest things at volunteer events. Do you know what these are?

 How Much Trash?

ERM volunteers removed 25,000 pounds of trash in 2016.