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  • American Oyster Catcher

  • Peanut Island

  • South Cove Natural Area, West Palm Beach Waterfront


​Discover a local treasure

Palm Beach County's largest estuary spans 20 miles from North Palm Beach to Ocean Ridge. Salty oceanic water enters the lagoon via two permanent man-made inlets, the Lake Worth Inlet and the South Lake Worth Inlet, mixing with freshwater entering the lagoon from canals. The lagoon's economic, environmental and recreational value is linked to its scenic waters and its resources, which include seagrasses, mangroves, oysters, birds, fish, and imperiled species such as manatees and sea turtles.

While human activities over the past century contributed to declines in the lagoon's habitat and water quality, significant work has been accomplished over the past few decades to reverse impacts to the lagoon. The department works collaboratively with partners in the Lake Worth Lagoon Initiative to restore and enhance the lagoon.

Join us Saturday November 3rd for LagoonFest



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