Mosquito Aerial Spray Operation Tonight


West of Military Trail and the Glades Area, Weather Permitting

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  • Checking For Larvae

  • Mosquito Control Officer Fogging

  • Night UV Truck Spray

Palm Beach County's warm tropical air and above average rain fall create the perfect environment for insects to multiply. ERM's Mosquito Control staff work hard to enhance the health and quality of life by reducing mosquito populations. Staff use chemical treatment, hormonal and bacterial larvaciding, and biological control methods. Working closely with other agencies like the Health Department, our staff act as first responders to mosquito-borne disease outbreaks as well as coordinate day to day interactions with residents on how to prevent mosquitoes from breeding in their backyard.


Petri Dish with  Different Species of Mosquitoes Found in Palm Beach County

There are over 3,000 species of mosquito world-wide. They ALL depend on a source of water to complete their lifecycle.

 Rid the wigglers!

Remove standing water. (old tires, gutters, flat roofs, buckets, drums, other containers)

Cover open containers tightly with a lid or with 16-mesh screen.

Empty plastic wading pools weekly, store indoors when not in use.

Store boats covered or upside down.

Fill in tree holes and hollow stumps that hold water.

Treat bromeliads and other vegetation that hold water with products containing the bacteria Bacillus thuringiensis, var. israelensis.

Stock your ornamental water garden with mosquito-eating fish (e.g. minnows, Gambusia spp., goldfish, or guppies).

Repair screening on windows, doors, porches, and patios.