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The management plan has been updated and is now under review. Public comments may be made prior to or on Friday, November 17, 2017 at 1:30pm when the Natural Areas Management Advisory Committee will meet.  To submit comments electronically, email

Draft Management Plan, Figures, Tables


This site will be closed until further notice while the adjacent Acreage Pines Community Park is being renovated.

Acreage Pines

Park at the west end of Acreage Pines Community Park, 6405 140th Ave. N., Loxahatchee


Walk along the boardwalk to see wading birds, cypress trees, and the endangered giant wild pine airplant.  

Open Sunrise to Sunset, 365 Days a Year 

At a Glance     

Passive and Active Recreation Coincide

Acreage Pines Natural Area preserves 124 acres of wetlands and pine lands adjacent to Acreage Community Park. A boardwalk allows visitors an opportunity to watch dragonflies, herons, and egrets hunt for food in the wetlands. A hiking trail winds through slash pines and saw palmettos. Keep an eye out for the acrobatic displays of common nighthawks!


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