This section administers, coordinates, selects/bids and monitors annual design and construction contracts. Prepares contract documents for design projects.  Coordinates and monitors grant funding.  Prepares contract documents for projects that receive Federal funding for road construction projects.


Construction Contract Bids

This section administers, coordinates, selects/bids and monitors annual design and construction contracts

Engineering Department Construction Bids


​Selections for Professional Services

Consultant Competitive Negotiations Act - CCNA

Administers, coordinates, schedules and monitors the Consultant Selection Process from advertisement through negotiations including certification.

Engineering Department CCNA Selections


Annual Contracts

Annual contracts are awarded for a single year and have two optional 1 year renewals for a total possible of 3 years.

The two types of annual contracts are design contracts which are consultants selected through the CCNA process, and construction contracts which are competitively bid.

The Engineering Department's current annual contracts (design & construction) are listed here along with their Board of County Commissioners' resolution numbers.

Engineering Department Annual Contracts are posted below.


​In accordance with the provisions of the ADA, any documents may be requested in an alternative format here.

 CCNA Certification

To apply for CCNA Certification with Palm Beach County:

1. Complete Consultant Certification Application (Form I) with a signature by a corporate officer.  Check all categories for which you want certification.  Leave the date certified blank.

Application Instructions
Checklist for Application
Category Descriptions 

Form I 
Form I


2. Complete Professional Consultant Qualification Application (Form 10-1.10).  Additional pages may be added to include additional information.  The final page shall be executed by a corporate officer.

Form 10-1.10 
Form 10-1.10

*Note: Descriptions of experience must list in detail the portions of the project completed by the submitting firm.  Experience must reference the work done that backs up the category for which certification is requested (i.e. if electrical certification is requested, specifically state  the electrical component of the project completed by firm).

 3. Attach all relevant backup data to the application package as necessary.

  • Professional licenses
  • Firm Certificate of Authorization
  • Firm Corporate License
  • Resumes (optional)


4. Submit application package 

Via Email:

Send PDF file toJAdean@pbcgov.org


Via Mail:

Send an unbound copy to:

Palm Beach County Engineering 
Roadway Production Division
CCNA Certification

Attn: Contracts Section
2300 N. Jog Road - 3rd Floor West
 W. Palm Beach, FL 33411 


Questions regarding the Certification process may be sent to JaeAnn Dean at 
or by calling (561) 684-4150.


* Note: To update an existing CCNA certification follow steps 1-4 above.  When preparing the update application, include all existing as well as new categories of certification on Form I as well as Form 10-1.10.  The updated application will completely replace any existing certification on file once it is approved.

 Design Annual Contracts

Team Members of Current Design Annual Contracts 3/27/19


Civil Annual Contract

Current Expiration 6/3/21

Civil Design, Inc.

R2019-0715 Original Contract
R2020-0400 1st Renewal

Baxter & Woodman, Inc.

R2019-0714 Original Contract
R2020-0399 1st Renewal

Keshavarz & Associates, Inc.

R2019-0716 Original Contract
R2020-0401 1st Renewal

Mock, Roos & Assoc, Inc.

R2019-0717 Original Contract
R2020-0402 1st Renewal

Intersection Annual Contract

Final Expiration 6/1/23

Propel Engineering, Inc.

R2020-0542 Original Contract

HSQ Group, Inc.

R2020-0541 Original Contract

Traffic Signal Annual Contract

Current Expiration 8/14/20

Wantman Group, Inc.

R2017-1444 - Original Contract
R2018-0973 1st Renewal
R2019-0931 2nd Renewal

Simmons & White, Inc.

R2017-0985 - Original Contract
R2018-0634 1st Renewal
R2019-0930 2nd Renewal


Lighting Annual Contract

Current Expiration 7/1/20

Electrical Design Associates, Inc.

R2019-0929 Original Contract

Structural Annual Contract

Final Expiration 6/1/23

Alan Gerwig & Assoc, Inc.

R2020-0547 Original Contract

R.J. Behar & Co, Inc.

R2020-0548 Original Contract

WGI, Inc.

R2020-0550 Original Contract

Scalar Consulting Group, Inc.

R2020-0549 Original Contract

Testing Annual Contract

Current Expiration 11/6/20

Wood Environment & Infrastructure Solutions, Inc.

R2017-1722 - Original Contract
R2018-1730 Assignment
R2018-1731 1st Renewal 
R2019-1123 2nd Renewal

RADISE International, L.C.

R2017-1659 - Original Contract
R2018-0813 New Language
R2018-0813 1st Renewal
R2019-1120 2nd Renewal

Terracon Consultants, Inc.

R2017-1660 - Original Contract
R2018-0814 New Language
R2018-0814 1st Renewal
R2019-1121 2nd Renewal

Tierra South Florida, Inc.

R2017-1661 - Original Contract
R2018-0815 New Language
R2018-0815 1st Renewal
R2019-1122 2nd Renewal

 Construction Annual Contracts

Milling and Resurfacing Annual Contract

Project #2018051
Current Expiration 10/15/20

2018051 Bid Tabulations

Ranger Construction Industries, Inc.

R2018-1533 Original Contract
R2019-1591 1st Renewal
R2020-0539 2nd Renewal

Community Asphalt Corp.

R2018-1534 Original Contract

Landscaping Annual Contract


Project #2020053 
Final Expiration 7/6/23

2020053 Bid Tabulations

A Cut Above Landscape & Maintenance, Inc.

Original Contract - Pending 

Pathway and Minor Annual Contract

Project #2017055
Final Expiration  1/22/21

2017055 Bid Tabulations

Wynn & Sons Environmental Const. Co, Inc.

R2018-0012 Original Contract
R2018-0820 New Language
R2019-0014 1st renewal
R2019-0709 2nd Renewal
Amendment 4 - pending

Pavement Marking Annual Contract

Project #2017054
Final Expiration 11/6/20

2017054 Bid Tabulations

Southwide Industries, Inc.

R2017- 1656 Original Contract
R2018-1536 1st Renewal
R2019-1714 2nd Renewal

Olgesby Construction, Inc.

R2017-1657 Original Contract
R2018-1537 1st Renewal

Project #2020054
Final Expiration 7/6/23

2020054 Bid Tabulations

Southwide Industries, Inc.

Original Contract - Pending

Guardrail Annual Contract

Project #2020052
Final Expiration 2/10/23

2020052 Bid  Tabulations

Southeast Highway Guardrail & Attenuators, LLC

R2020-0132 Original Contract

Traffic Loops Annual Contract

Project #2020051
Final Expiration 3/9/23

2020051 Bid Tabulations

AUM Construction, Inc.

R2020-0198 Original Contract

Small Paving and Minor Annual Contract

Project #2018053
Current Expiration 12/2/20

2018053 Bid Tabulations

R&D Paving, LLC, Inc.

R2019-1833 Original Contract

Hinterland Group, Inc.

R2019-1834 Original Contract

Saffold Paving, Inc.

R2019-1835 Original Contract

Small Concrete and Pathway Annual Contract

Project #2018052
Current Expiration 12/2/20

2018052 Bid Tabulations

Hinterland Group, Inc.

R2019-1831 Original Contract

Wynn & Sons Environmental Const. Co, Inc.

R2019-1832 Original Contract

Traffic Signals Annual Contract

Project #2019050
Current Expiration 9/9/20

2019050 Bid Tabulations

Gerelco Traffic Controls, Inc.

R2019-1260 Original Contract
1st Renewal - Pending

Ferreira Construction Southern Div Co, Inc.

R2019-1261 Original Contract
1st Renewal - Pending