Is responsible for providing a wide range of surveying services to all County agencies. The review of subdivision plats, boundary surveys, legal descriptions and sketches, and Development Review Committee petitions to insure compliance with all applicable codes and standards. The Survey Section also provides horizontal, vertical, and geodetic control to County offices and outside agencies when requested.

The survey information provided in the attached documents were prepared by and for Palm Beach County and are made available for informational purposes only. Palm Beach County makes no guarantee of the correctness of the information provided. Individuals and firms should conduct an independent evaluation as required by Chapter 472 Florida Statutes and Florida Administrative Code Rule 5J-17.050-.052.

The information shown may differ from published NGS values.
Palm Beach County has an ongoing Horizontal and Vertical program. Some of the published values may change as the networks are adjusted.

Survey Links

Microsoft Access Data Table (May 2010) (Files in .ZIP format)

Survey Databases 05-18-10

ESRI Shape & Layer Files (Dec. 2009) (Files in .ZIP format)

ESRI Shape & Layer Files (Dec 2009)


Adobe PDF Reference:

Horizontal Control Map (May 2002)
Vertical Control Map (Dec. 2014)

Section Corner History Database:

Township 40
Township 41
Township 42
Township 43
Township 44
Township 45
Township 46
Township 47
Township 48


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