Zoning -  Preservation of Vegetation

& Vegetation Barricade Permit

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Refer to ULDC Article 2.G.4.N.2 and Article Article 7.E.


Proposed Conditions of Approval for PH and DRO Development Orders
Conditions of Approval may be added to a Development Order for Preservation of Vegetation depending on the applicable requirements for site development and the stage of the approval process. The conditions provided here are only a guidance and may be modified based on each specific site.


Vegetation Barricade Permit Requirements
Vegetation Barricade Permit is required based on established Conditions of Approval on a Development Order. The Vegetation Barricade permit application must be submitted prior to the removal of any vegetation or the issuance of any Building Permits/activity for construction.

Vegetation Barricade Permit - Flowchart


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