​Produce Stand and Related Uses

Project Manager:  Monica Cantor

The Board of County Commissioners (BCC) has directed staff to review Unified Land Development Code (ULDC) provisions regulating the operation of Produce Stands in the Urban/Suburban Tier and determine if any amendments are required.  Other related uses such as Farmers Markets, Green Markets, and Community Vegetable Gardens are included in the discussion.

The Subcommittee meetings will focus on requests to allow limited retail, entertainment, or restaurants in produce stands and related uses, clarify approval process, and address other issues that may be affecting the regular operation of these uses. 

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11/15/2011 11/15/2011 11/15/2011 11/15/11 Exhibit E
10/17/2011 10/17/2011 10/17/2011 10/17/11 Presentation
08/30/2011 08/30/2011 08/30/2011 ​N/A
​08/08/2011 08/08/2011 08/08/2011 08/08/11 Presentation
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Pain Management Clinics

Project Manager:  William Cross

Develop regulations for the application and zoning approval process for Pain Management Clinics engaged in the treatment of pain by prescribing or dispensing controlled substance medications, and are required to register with the Florida Department of Health pursuant to Section 458.309 or Section 459.005, Florida Statutes (2009). Explore other jurisdictions approach to the establishment of pain management regulations. Make recommendation for an amendment to the Zoning Director for potential inclusion in ULDC prior to expiration of Moratorium.

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04/18/2011 ​​04/18/2011 ​​04/18/2011

PBC Moratorium
Delray Beach Ordinance

Greenacreas Ordinance
Boynton Beach Ordinance
Martin County Ordinance
2010 IPARC
2010 Broward Task Force

​03/21/2011 ​​03/21/2011 ​​03/21/2011 ​N/A
03/02/2011 03/02/2011 ​03/02/2011 ​N/A


​Renewable Energy - Wind Farm

Project Manager:  William Cross

Review existing provisions for Renewable Energy Facility and develop new regulations to accommodate the development of a proposed major wind farm facility, wind turbines and related equipment in the EAA of the Glades Tier. Determine the need to allow for wind turbines exemptions from setbacks from property lines for parcels used primarily for farming and make recommendations for an amendment to the Zoning Director.


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04/18/2011 04/18/2011 04/18/2011 ​N/A
03/30/2011 ​03/30/2011 ​03/30/2011 ​N/A
​03/02/2011 03/02/2011 03/02/2011 03/02/2011

​Urban Redevelopment Area Overlay (URAO)

Project Manager:  William Cross

The Board of County Commissioners adopted amendments to the Unified Land Development Code (ULDC) which implements the County’s redevelopment strategy in the URA. At that hearing concerns were raised by interested parties about some of the provisions in the ULDC. The BCC directed staff to meet with interested parties to discuss their issues and then make the necessary amendments to the Comprehensive Plan and ULDC in 2011. Amendments to the Plan are proposed to be discussed at a Public Meeting on February 22; presented to the Planning Commission on March 11; and, submitted to the BCC for Transmittal in April.


Agendas Minutes ​Attendance ​Document
05/06/2011 ​05/06/2011 05/06/2011 2011 URAO Waiver
04/18/2011 04/18/2011 04/18/2011 04/18 URAO Draft
​03/30/2011 03/30/2011 03/30/2011

03/30 URAO Draft

3-30 Amendments Summary