Solid Waste Authority (SWA)

Review possible changes to the Solid Waste Transfer Station use to eventually allow “Yard Waste Transfer Sites” to make recommendation to the Zoning Director on possible ULDC amendments.

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10/18/2010 10/18/2010 10/18/2010 10/18/2010
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Excavation in the Everglades Agricultural Area (EAA)

Review excavation definitions, provisions and land use and determine which land uses are consistent with mining and consider development of new language to add a new use - Type IV Excavation.

NOTICE: 10/20/2010 - The Stakeholders Meetings will be scheduled as soon as a Meeting Facilitator is on board.   County staff will be providing additional backup and suggested timeframes for reviewing Mining in the EAA for consideration by the BCC at the Thursday, August 26, 2010 Zoning Hearing.

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Review existing definitions/provisions for private parks, alternative landscape plans and street trees within PUDs. Develop appeal process for applications for tree removal permit and landscape plans. Review Art. 7 for inconsistencies and make recommendations for amendments.

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08/24/2010 N/A          08/24/2010 N/A 
08/10/2010 08/10/2010 08/10/2010 ​N/A


Green Development

Explore what other States/Counties are doing to encourage Green Development.
Make recommendations to the Zoning Director on possible code amendments (Include other County Agencies for input)

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09/08/2010 09/08/2010  09/08/2010       

Final PBC Green Task Force Report 

10 Remaining GTF Issues
Leed for Neighborhood Development

08/11/2010 08/11/2010 08/11/2010