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​2020 ULDC Amendments Schedule

The Zoning Division processes two Rounds of Amendments each year. Property Owners, and/or their designated Agent, may request a Text Amendment to the Unified Land Development Code (ULDC) called a Privately Initiated Amendment (PIA). All amendments to the ULDC are legislative; submittal of an application and fees does not convey any entitlements to parcels of land nor does it guarantee that the BCC will consent to the request to initiate the review or approve the amendment.

For more information, please see Deadlines/Scheduling for Proposed 2020 Unified Land Development Code (ULDC) Amendment Rounds: County Agencies and Privately Initiated Amendments.

Round 2020-01

01/29/2020   LDRAB Meeting
02/26/2020   LDRAB Meeting
03/25/2020   LDRAB Meeting
04/22/2020   LDRAB Meeting
05/27/2020   LDRAB/LDRC Meeting
06/25/2020   BCC Zoning Hearing – Permission to Advertise
07/30/2020   BCC Zoning Hearing – 1st Reading
08/27/2020   BCC Zoning Hearing – 2nd Reading

BCC Hearings Agendas and Results
LDRAB Meeting Agenda and Minutes  
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Round 2020-02

07/22/2020   LDRAB Meeting
08/26/2020   LDRAB Meeting
09/23/2020   LDRAB Meeting
10/28/2020   LDRAB/LDRC Meeting
11/17/2020   LDRAB/LDRC Meeting*
11/23/2020   BCC Zoning Hearing – Permission to Advertise
12/22/2020   BCC Zoning Hearing – 1st Reading
01/28/2021   BCC Zoning Hearing – 2nd Reading  
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