Palm Beach County Density Programs

Pursuant to Chapter 163, F.S., the County has adopted the Comprehensive Plan to guide the orderly and balanced future economic, social, physical, environmental, and fiscal development of the County. The Plan includes a Future Land Use Atlas, which identifies the future land use designation and the corresponding density or intensity for each parcel in the unincorporated County.

To further specific objectives, the Plan also provides several means to increase density where appropriate, without requiring amendments to the Future Land Use Atlas of the Comprehensive Plan. Specifically, the Plan allows for increases in density to facilitate workforce and affordable housing, to accommodate development rights transferred from environmentally sensitive lands, and to encourage infill development and redevelopment.

  • Workforce Housing Program (WHP): The WHP has both a mandatory and a voluntary component. This program requires that a percentage of units in new residential developments of 10 or more units be provided as workforce housing, affordable to households having 60 to 140% of area median income. The program is applicable in the Urban/Suburban Tier of the unincorporated County, and in other areas where required by conditions of approval. The program's optional component allows for a density bonus in exchange for a portion of the additional units being dedicated as workforce housing. Additional information regarding the County's Workforce Housing Program is found here.
  • Affordable Housing Program (AHP): The AHP is a voluntary program that provides an opportunity to seek additional density when developing affordable units within the Urban/Suburban Tier. This program focuses on housing affordable to households having up to 60% of the aera median income. For additional information, click here.
  • Transfer of Development Rights (TDR) Program: The TDR program allows property owners seeking density increases in certain 'receiving areas' to purchase development rights frm either the County's TDR Bank or from owners of properties in designated 'sending areas.' Information regarding the TDR Program is found here.
  • Infill and Redevelopment Programs: Through the Future Land Use Element of the Comprehensive Plan, several initiatives promote infill and redevelopment opportunities that include the potential for density and intensity increases in specific areas. These include the Urban Redevelopment Area and the Westgate/Belvedere Homes Community Redevelopment Area Overlay.