​​​Affordable Housing Program

Palm Beach County's Affordable Housing Program (AHP) is a voluntary program that provides a developer an opportunity to seek additional density when developing affordable units within the Urban/Suburban Tier in unincorporated Palm Beach County. A proposed project must have a minimum of ten (10) permitted units by right (not including bonus units) to be eligible for this program.

A minimum of 65% of the total number of dwelling units are to target households at incomes of 60% of Area Median Income (AMI) and below, and a maximum of 20% of all units are to target incomes of 30% of AMI and below. The 2023 AMI for Palm Beach County is $98,300 (per US Department of Housing & Urban Development). AHP units shall not be subject to restrictions beyond income qualifications except those restrictions imposed by a governmental agency providing affordable housing financing. Additional information on the AHP can be found in the ULDC here.

A pre-application is required when the requested AHP density bonus is greater than 30%. The applicant must schedule an AHP pre-application conference with Planning staff prior to submittal of the AHP pre-application form, and prior to submitting a building permit or a zoning application. The AHP pre-application form is available here. To schedule a pre-application conference, or for additional information, please contact Michael Howe, Senior Planner, at 561-233-5361 or mhowe@pbcgov.org.

Information on affordable units that may be available can be found here.