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​Mission Statement​

To ensure life and property safety within our community in the built environment through efficient and effective administration of the enacted building codes, and by taking a leadership role in code development and education.​​​

Read the 2022 Hurricane Letter to Construction Industry Partners here



It’s Hurricane Season!  

Hurricanes are a big concern to property and homeowners in Palm Beach County. Damage caused by hurricanes can be devastating. Protecting your investment takes planning and should be completed long before a hurricane threatens. 
Buildings can be damaged or destroyed by high winds, rain, and flooding caused by hurricanes. There is also the added danger of wind-borne debris, which can break windows and damage roof coverings and walls, allowing high winds inside a building. Once the wind gets inside, powerful uplift forces can literally lift the roof right off a building.
The time to prepare your buildings is before there is threat of a hurricane. To protect buildings from hurricane damage, it is important to strengthen weaknesses in your roof, windows, doors, and garage door if your home is not built to existing codes. 
Remember, installation of hurricane shutters, panels, screens or mesh, for your property in unincorporated Palm Beach County requires a permit


Hurricane Preparation information for Palm Beach County can be found h​ere.




Important Notice

The PBC Building Division is dedicated to the safety of the residents and believes that the buildings in PBC are safe; We have been ensuring safe buildings in our County since 1957. However, any person in any building located in unincorporated PBC can report any perceived safety issues or concerns to PBC Building Division at any time and staff will investigate. Please send an email to PZB-Bldg@pbcgov.org advising of the building location and the specific issue or concern.

Attention:  Industry Stakeholders

Contractors seeking to obtain permits are required to submit using the online portal .  Essentially all permit types are now available for online submittal.  

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Installers can apply for permits, schedule inspections and pay fees online.  Just create an account to get started.  

NOTE: Online application submittal and related permit services are available to Owner Builders acting as their own contractor.  Owner Builders can file plans electronically. However, they are required to appear in person to present identification and sign the applicable documents at any time during the process and before the permit can be issued.

Did you know that you can schedule inspections , make credit card payments , and view your required sub-permits online? Currently on our website, you can track plan review progress and get essential details on your permit applications and inspections. Don't miss out on a most effective method of meeting Code requirements through the Building Division. Go to Building Permits & Inspections in the upper right side of the screen. 

Revisions to active permits can now be submitted online using the online portal.  This includes revisions to permits that were issued on paper. 

Need to submit a correction?  If the original permit application was submitted utilizing the electronic plan review system, corrections to the permit application must be submitted online. Look for “Actions Required" on your online portal dashboard.   Note: Online services are not available for corrections to permit applications that were originally submitted on paper and have never been issued.  Those corrections must be submitted on paper.

Renewals that require a Change of Contractor can be submitted online.

More enhancements are being added to our online system all the time!  Coming soon: master permits, main multiples, and decal permits.   


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 Building Hours of Operation

​Important NOTICE

The Building Division office hours open to the public, will be Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm with last sign in for permit application at 4:30 pm.

South County Drop-Off hours will be Monday and Thursday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm with last sign in for permit application at 4:30 pm and closed for lunch 1 hour from noon to 1:00 pm.

Inspectors will be working from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm Monday through Friday