Post Disaster Redevelopment Plan (PDRP)


A PDRP is a guidance document that identifies and lays out policies, operational strategies, and roles and responsibilities to help guide the decisions and actions of community leaders relative to long-term recovery and redevelopment following a major or catastrophic disaster. In short, it serves as a blue print for rebuilding the physical, social and economic fabrics of our community.

The PDRP also encourages capitalizing on the unique window of opportunity for hazard mitigation and community improvement provided by the post disaster environment, consistent with the goals of the local Comprehensive plan and with full participation of the citizens.

Key recovery and redevelopment topics emphasized in the PDRP include, but are not limited to:

  • Business resumption and economic redevelopment
  • Housing repair and reconstruction
  • Infrastructure restoration and mitigation
  • Governance and financial management 
  • Sustainable land use
  • Environmental preservation and restoration, and
  • Short-term recovery actions that affect long-term redevelopment

Many benefits accrue from having a Post Disaster Recovery Plan:
First and foremost, having a prepared plan should promote a faster and more efficient recovery. Creating a process and mechanism to make smart post-disaster decisions and prepare for long-term recovery requirements will enable the community to do more than react, and hopefully facilitate post disaster action while minimizing unproductive, time-consuming confusion and debate. By identifying appropriate planning mechanisms, financial assistance sources, and agency capabilities, roles and responsibilities beforehand, the County should be able to begin the road to recovery more quickly.

Having a PDRP assists with anticipating issues and capitalizing on opportunities for community improvement beyond rebuilding to the status quo. Without a guiding vision, short-term decisions might otherwise inadvertently restrict long-term, sustainable redevelopment. The PDRP strengthens the recovery process, and allows community leaders to assess risk levels and to craft strategies and plans for long-term redevelopment free of much of the stress and chaos that accompany major disasters.

The PDRP encourages government officials, residents, and businesses to consider long-term redevelopment goals and develop informed policies and procedures that will guide recovery and redevelopment. While outside resources will be needed and welcomed after a major or catastrophic disaster, a locally developed Plan will help to channel those resources to effectively meet the community’s specific needs and goals.

Palm Beach County’s Post Disaster Redevelopment Plan is intended to be a single source reference to guide action and decision making during the difficult long-term disaster recovery period. In addition, it suggests actions the community can take before disaster strikes to facilitate a timelier, effective and complete post disaster recovery and to use redevelopment as an opportunity to go beyond returning to the status quo to build a more sustainable, disaster resilient community.


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