All taxi, limousine, shuttle and non-medical companies operating within Palm Beach County must be licensed to operate by Consumer Affairs. All drivers working for a Vehicle for Hire company must also have special permits and are required to wear a Consumer Affairs I.D.Badge. Licensed vehicle for hire companies must meet minimum insurance and safety standards.

Pursuant to Section 627.748, Florida Statutes, Transportation Network Companies (TNC), TNC drivers and TNC vehicles will be governed exclusively by this newly enacted state law, effective July 1, 2017. As such, Palm Beach County will no longer license or impose any operational requirements on TNCs, TNC drivers and TNC vehicles, if such license relates to providing prearranged rides. This exemption only applies to those companies or individuals that meet the State definition of a TNC or TNC Driver. To be eligible for this designation, the company and driver must adhere to all 627.748 F.S. requirements. Please note particularly the insurance requirements necessary to qualify as a TNC or TNC driver.  If the company or driver does not meet the state TNC requirements and are engaged in vehicle for-hire business in Palm Beach County, they will be regulated by Palm Beach County's Vehicle for Hire Ordinance.

Complaints about TNC services should be directed to the company or the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services at 1-800-HELP-FLA.

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Vehicle for Hire 


 Vehicle for Hire Company Disclosure and Disclaimer

Information about each company includes the business address, owner/manager’s name, type/size/age of fleet, number of years operating and administrative actions taken. (i.e, Civil Citations and Cease and Desist Orders).

While Palm Beach County Consumer Affairs does not recommend or rate any vehicle for hire company, these licensed companies have met the minimum requirements of the Palm Beach County Vehicle for Hire Ordinance. The license information may be used as a reference when contracting for personal transportation services. Consumer Affairs has no way to determine the volume of business and customer contacts for these licensed companies.

A three-year consumer dispute history or business information report for each licensed vehicle for hire company is available by clicking on the “Look Up Business” button to the left. This license information is updated regularly.

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