For your convenience, we have compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions from the Licensing Staff in Consumer Affairs. We hope these questions and answers will help you. If not, please contact us so we may assist you further.


    • Can I buy or sell a Vehicle for Hire licensed company?

      Yes. If the company is currently licensed and in good standing with the Division of Consumer Affairs.

    • When can I renew my Vehicle for Hire License?

      The Vehicle for Hire License expires on April 30th of each year. Renewal applications are generally sent out to currently license companies in the middle of January. Please call our office after January 15, 2014 at (561)712-6600 for additional information.

    • Will the renewal application be sent out by mail or can I pick it up?

      The renewal applications are sent out in the middle of January. If you have moved or changed your address, please notify our office in wiriting, via email or fax before that tiem. This was the staf can ensure the application is sent to the proper address.

    • What is the deadline to renewal my company's Vehicle for Hire application?

      ‚ÄčAll completed, signed applications and supporting documentation must be submitted by March 7, 2014. Incomplete applications will not be accepted by the Division of Consumer Affairs  staff.

    • Can I renewal a Vehicle for Hire business license if it has been expired for over 1 license year?

      No. The business will be considered a new business and all applicable fees will apply.

    • When will your staff start inspections for the 2015 license year?

      That inspection dates and time will be posted on our website.

    • Can I submit my own Certificate of Insurance?

      No. The Certificate of Insurance must be emailed or Faxed directly to the Division of Consumer Affairs by the insurance agent or broker.

    • Are vehicle decals transferrable?

      No. The decals are non-transferrable.  Decals are to be returned to the Division of Consumer Affairs if the vehicle is taken out of service or removed from your insurance policy.

    • Does an ASE safety inspection have to be submitted for all vehicles?

      Yes vehicle less than 1 year old (2014 or 2015) are required to have ans ASE inspections.

    • Are there any other inspection requirements?

      Yes vehicle more that 7 years, based on registration or with more than 350,00 miles are required to have bi-annual.

    • My commercial insurance or my car expires at midnight tonight. How much time do I have to get new insurance?

      Any vehicle used by a licensed company as a vehicle for hire is required to have the proper levels of commerical insurance continously. Failure to have this insurance in plance cna result in the license for the company being suspended and/or revoked.

    • What do I need to apply for my Driver ID Badge?

      You must submit an application packet to the Division of Consumer Affairs which consists of the following

      • A completed Vehicle for Hire Driver's ID Badge Application form
      • A completed Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) form
      • A For-Hire Transportation Company Endorsement which must be completed and notarized by the Company for which you will be working (Any alterations including white-outs cross-outs are not allowed on the form)
      • An original Florida Lifetime Driving History (You must have driven in Florida for at least 3 years)
      • Payment in the amount of $124.00

    • Do I need to come to your office to get the form or is it available online?

      You may pick up the packet at our office however the all of the applications are available on our website. They can be found at

    • What forms of payment do you accept?

      Only Visa, MasterCard, Discover Card, Money Order and personal check are accepted. Cash is NOT accepted.

    • What is a 3 year driving history in Florida?

      You must have obtained a current Florida Driver License within 3 years or more of the date you are applying.

    • Where can I obtain an original of my Florida Lifetime Driving History?

      You may obtain it from any Department of Motor Vehicles office or from any Clerk of Court Office. It must be a Lifetime Driving History.

    • What if I do not have a 3 year driving history in Florida?

      If you have not had a Florida Driver License for at least 3 years, then you must obtain your Lifetime Driving History from the state in which you resided prior to moving to Florida. Your out of state lifetime driving history must go back at least 5 years from the date you are applying.

    • What if I do not have a 3-year driving history in Florida because I moved here directly from a foreign country from which I cannot obtain my prior lifetime driving history?

      Then you, the applicant, must sign a sworn, notarized Vehicle For Hire Driver Affidavit Form attesting to the following: "If a person has not driven for 3 years in the United States, he/she must obtain the driving record from any other jurisdictions where he/she did drive or if he/she is unable to obtain the driving record, must sign an affidavit under penalty of perjury that he/she has no driving record which would prevent him/her from driving a vehicle in the country".

    • Can I submit a partial application without my notarized For-Hire Transportation Company Endorsement and/or my lifetime driving history information?

      No. Partial application packets cannot be accepted due to the volume of applications submitted.

    • When can I submit my application for a Vehicle For Hire Driver ID Badge?

      Applications are accepted Monday through Friday, from 8:00am-4:00pm excluding holidays.

    • Does the Division of Consumer Affairs assist the applicant with identifying for-hire transportation companies who are currently hiring?

      No. It is up to the applicant to identify and apply at a for-hire transportation company for which they want to work, and to have that company complete and notarize the For-Hire Transportation Company Endorsement.

    • Can I work for only one(1) for-hire transportation company?

      You may work for more than one (1) for-hire transportation company at any given time. However, you must provide a completed and notarized For-Hire Transportation Company Endorsement for each company for which you will be working to the Division of Consumer Affairs.

    • Is there any test to obtain a Vehicle for Hire Driver ID Badge?

      Yes. A basic English and Geography Test is required for all new applicants and or those renewal applicants whose badge has been expired for one (1) year or more.

    • How do I find out when I will take the basic English and Geography Test?

      When you submit your completed application packet and payment, you will be scheduled for a specific date and time to take the test. Also at the time of application, your photo will be taken for the Vehicle for Hire Driver ID Badge.

    • If I am running late should I go ahead and come into your office or just re-schedule my test appointment?

      You should call to re-schedule your test appointment.

    • Can I take the basic English and Geography Test at the time of application?

      No.  Testing is done in groups and is scheduled usually 6 to 7 days from the date you submit your application. That 6 to 7 day time period allows staff to obtain your criminal background check from the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, and time for a Consumer Affairs Compliance Ofice to review your entire file for either approval or denial. An information sheet is provided to you at the time you submit your application and have your photo taken. The information sheet can also be found on our website at this link.

    • What if I fail the English and Geography Test?

      If you fail the English and Geography Test, you have a second opportunity to pass the test. The date of your retest is usually set several days away so that you have more time to study the information sheet.

    • If my application and criminal background check are approved, and I pass the English and Geography Test, when will I get the Vehicle for Hire Driver ID Badge?

      In the majority of cases, the Badge is ready upon passing the English and Geography Test.

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