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For your safety, open fires are prohibited on the island. The only exception is a Community Fire Ring located adjacent to the campground. This Fire Ring is only available during periods offering favorable wind and weather conditions at the discretion of the Park Supervisor. For your safety, only firewood purchased from the park office may be burned in the Community Fire Ring and only after sunset. Firewood is for the Community Fire Ring only and may not be used in the grills.


Located along the paver walkway on the south-west corner of the island, the park features a large, shaded Observation Deck that offers panoramic views of the Lake Worth Lagoon, the nearby port facilities, and surrounding communities.


This non-profit organization operates a museum at the former U.S. Coast Guard Facility located on the south-side of Peanut Island. Among the highlights of this facility is a tour of the historic John F. Kennedy Bunker that was constructed to serve as a temporary command post during the Cuban Missile Crisis in the early 1960's. For information on the museum and their operating schedule call 561-832-7428 or 561-723-2028. The Palm Beach Maritime Museum [external link] is an independent entity - not a part of the Palm Beach County Parks system. The John F. Kennedy Bunker is currently closed until further notice.


There is no better way to explore all that Park has to offer than by taking a leisurely stroll around the island. A 1.25 mile paver block walking path winds around the perimeter of the island taking you to all the major facilities offered on the site. Along the way, you'll pass beautiful natural resources including tidal ponds, maritime hammocks, and mangroves. The path is well lighted at night all around the island for your safety.


The park features Shaded Picnic Areas around most of the island. These areas are the perfect place to escape the sun to enjoy a relaxing meal. The picnic areas feature a number of picnic pavilions with tables and grills. All pavilions, picnic tables, and grills are available on a first-come, first-served basis starting at sunrise. The only exception is the Campground Pavilion which is reserved for the exclusive use of Registered Campers and their registered guests. The Snorkeling Lagoon on the south-east side of the island also features four (4) Chiki Huts with picnic tables. These island-styled pavilion structures are sure to get you in an "island" state-of-mind!


For your convenience, the park offers restroom facilities in several areas of the island including the east-side picnic and campground area, west-side tidal basin area, and the lagoon. Pole showers are available for visitors to rinse off the saltwater and sand. Campers staying overnight in the Reserved Campground enjoy warm indoor showers.