​​ Science for Seniors

science for seniors

Return to Green Cay

Select Fridays at 1:00 p.m. | Ages 50+ | $5/per person, per program
Program reservation is required. Sign up at the front desk or call 561-966-7000.​

  • NOVEMEBR 16, 2018 - “So You Live on a Lake?”
    Steve Weinsier
    Kicking off our annual lecture series is Steve from the South FL Aquatic Plant Society! Learn about how man-made lakes are managed here in South Florida and why they are so important.

  • NOVEMBER 30, 2018 - “What’s In Your Salad?”
    Sydelle Dombrowsky
    Is it a fruit, a vegetable or something else? Much of what we eat is not what we think it is! This engaging presentation on commonly eaten plants will surely leave you in amazement as you learn how to identify true fruits, vegetables and nuts. 

  • DECEMBER 14, 2018 - “Florida Fish & the Aquatic Habitat” 
    Steve Weinsier
    Florida has a dazzling variety of fish species, both native and non-native. Steve from the South FL Aquatic Plant Society will return to talk about the benefits of Florida’s native fish and their uses for biological control on aquatic weeds and mosquitoes. He will also discuss some of Florida’s non-native fish and their impact on South Florida’s fragile ecosystems. 

  • DECEMBER 28, 2018 - “Today’s World is Green: Plant Marvels, Mysteries & Misunderstandings” 
    Dr. Thomas Poulson 
    Plants are amazing. They are just as fascinating as animals and are easier to study. They don’t hide. They don't run away. And they stay in one place to study at leisure and over time. Dr. Tom will use his award-winning scientific natural history to help you understand plants.
  • JANUARY 11, 2019 - “Little Green Heron’s Escape from Death”
    Phil Rathner 
    Join us for an incredible photo story detailing the lifecycle of the little green heron and its harrowing escape from death.

  • JANUARY 25, 2019 - “Protecting Endangered Plants & Animals”
    Richard W. Emory, Jr., Esq. 
    Richard, a retired Environmental Protection Agency employee, will once again make Green Cay one of his world-wide lecture stops to dazzle us with information about protecting endangered species. Together, we will explore the man-made problems of wildlife facing extinction and steps we can take to help reverse this process.

  • FEBRUARY 8, 2019 - “South Florida Sea Turtle Conservation”
    David Anderson 
    As spring begins to head our way, sea turtle nesting season begins in March! Join Gumbo Limbo Nature Center’s sea turtle specialist, David, to learn about the life cycle, habitat, and struggles sea turtles face along our South Florida coast. 

  • FEBRUARY 22, 2019 - “South Florida’s Water & YOU”
    Heather Moody
    Ever been curious about where your water comes from or where it goes after it leaves your home? The availability of fresh water impacts the environment, the economy and our quality of life. This presentation will provide an overview of how water resources are managed in south Florida and what YOU can do to help avoid water pollution, protect water infrastructure and reduce your water use indoors and out.