Photography & Videography in the Park

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Private Professional Photography Sessions:

Private professional photography sessions require either a daily or annual permit. Examples include but are not limited to:

  • Engagement or couples photos
  • Group or family portraits
  • Quinceañera photos 
  • Marriage proposals
  • Personal portfolio photos
  • School projects
Rate: $50.00 per session day or $150 (plus tax) for annual permit.

Annual Professional Photography Permit​ 
Daily Professional Photography Permit​ 
For Riverbend Park, Jupiter
 Photography Permit Information

Personal Photography and Videography:

Visitors are welcome to take photographs and/or videos on designated park paths and picnic areas during normal operating hours (daily, sunrise-sunset). All participants must stay in designated areas at all times and no items, props or materials may be placed in areas that interfere with regular park use.

Commerical Photography and Filming: ​

The following includes, but is not limited to categories that are considered to be commerical projects and must meet specific requirements:

  • ​Photos that appear in advertisements, calendars, catalogs, guidebooks, magazines, or other published print, and news articles
  • Filming for educational, instructional, or documentary videos, television advertisements and commericals, television programs, infomericals, and movies
Groups or individuals interested in scheduling a commerical photography or film shoot at a county park should contact the Palm Beach County Film and Television Commission at 561-233-1000