Highridge Family Center is a three-month, Monday through Friday, trauma-informed residential treatment program for Palm Beach County youth. We provide services to families with youth ages 11 through 16 years, who are experiencing problems at home, school, with friends, and in the community. Youth on medication(s) are eligible for the program when closely monitored by their prescribing physician.

There is a one time $75 Application Fee and a $75 Activity Fee.    

  • Back Patio

  • Boys Dorm Room 1

  • Boys Dorm Room 2

  • Counselor Area

  • Family Room

  • Girls Dorm Room 1

  • Girls Dorm Room 2

  • Girls Dorm Room 3

  • Girls Dorm Room 4

  • Highridge Family Center - Distance

  • Highridge Family Center

  • On-site School

  • Outside View - Boys Dorm

  • Outside View - Girls Dorm

  • Patio and Playing Field

  • Therapist Office

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Residential Setting

  • Program participants stay in a dormitory style "house" of up to 12 youth per dorm
  • Five dorms comprised of 3 male and 2 female dorms
  • Twenty-four (24) hour supervision
  • Nursing staff available on each shift to address medical concerns
  • Nutritional services including cafeteria style dining
  • Indoor/outdoor recreational areas


  • Trauma-Informed Interventions
  • Family Therapy
  • Group Therapy
  • Individual Therapy
  • Communication Skills
  • Coping Strategies & Plans
  • Emotion Regulation Groups
  • Parent Education Groups
  • Recreational Activities

School Setting

  • Palm Beach County School on-site
  • Small Class sizes
  • Behavioral specialist in each classroom
  • Youth learn how to be successful in a classroom setting
  • Open communication and collaboration between residential staff and school staff

The Sanctuary Model

The Sanctuary ® Model is a nationally recognized evidence supported model of trauma-informed care. Highridge Family Center has adopted Sanctuary as the cornerstone of our trauma responsive treatment and for the organization and support of our staff.

How We Use the Sanctuary Model

At its core, Sanctuary promotes safety and recovery from chronic stress and adversity. Our trauma sensitive programming focuses on creating a safe and supportive environment where healing from adversity occurs by fostering resilience through healthy relationships. We change the question from "what's wrong with you?" to "what happened to you?"

For more information on the Sanctuary Model, visit www.thesanctuaryinstitute.org.


  • Program participants are immersed in a structured, safe and therapeutic environment Monday through Friday
  • Behavior is shaped by reinforcing positive behavior and teaching youth how to use healthy coping skills in place of negative responses
  • Youth learn emotion regulation strategies for home, school, with peers, and in the community
  • Family members attend weekly family sessions and monthly educational/support groups
  • Youth and families practice new skills at home each weekend to improve family relationships and decision making
  • Youth learn and use appropriate coping skills to manage their emotions
  • Character development is enhanced through teaching youth and families about the importance of Safety, Emotions, Loss and Future (SELF)

Contact Us

Highridge Family Center​

4200 N. Australian Avenue
West Palm Beach, Florida 33407

Phone:  561-625-2540