What is involved in the delivery of WHP Units?

All WHP Units:

  • Recordation of a Restrictive Covenant is required, identifying the WHP obligation, affordability period, and other requirements of the program.
  • Annual Compliance reporting is required
  • Link to ULDC Article 5 Chapter G here

For-Sale WHP Units:

  • The initial sale and resale of WHP for-sale units requires the qualification of buyers by the County's DHES.
  • Marketing of WHP units delivered through the On-site or Off-site/Same Builder WHP options must meet certain code requirements, and must commence concurrent with the marketing of the market rate units and continue until 75% of the market rate units have been issued certificates of occupancy, but ot less than 180 days. Release of Obligation is available in the event that WHP units have been marketed as required and remain unsold at the end of the required marketing period.
  • Marketing of WHP units delivered through the Exchange Builder option or the Restiriction of an Existing Market Rate Unit option is the responsibility of the developer or exchange builder, and the Release of Obligation is not available for these units.

Rental WHP Units:

  • It is the responsibility of the WHP rental unit's owner or management company to market the WHP rentals and determine the income category and eligibility of the prospective tenants.

For additional information on the Workforce Housing Program, contact the Planning Division at 561-233-5300