Transfer of Development Rights (TDR) Program

The TDR program allows property-owners seeking density increases in certain 'receiving areas' to purchase development rights from either the County's TDR Bank or from owners of properties in designated 'sending areas.' Pursuant to the Comprehensive Plan, TDRs are the required method of increasing density unless certain conditions can be met.

Density increases ranging from 1 to 5 units per acre may be available, depending on the location of the receiving site. In order to increase density, the site must meet the requirements to become a designated receiving area and follow the procedures as described in ULDC Chapter 5.G.3. The equivalent of thirty four (34) percent of all TDR units must be provided as WHP units. All TDR units are built on the development site. The required Workforce Housing Units resulting from the use of TDRs may be addressed through any of the disposition options available in the Workforce Housing Program. TDRs may be purchased at the Workforce Housing prices only if the TDR is used to provide Workforce Housing units onsite.

To determine the availability and pricing of TDRs for a particular site, and the workforce housin​​g obligation of those​ TDRs, please contact the Planner on Call, at 561-233-5343 or Current TDR prices can be viewed here.

For information on the TDR application process, please contact the Zoning Division at 561-233-5200 or email at