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The Palm Beach County Neighborhood Planning Program, established in 1990, implements the Comprehensive Plan’s policies in support of neighborhood planning. The purpose of this program is to assist residents in identifying issues affecting the future of their communities and to develop and record neighborhood/community consensus positions about such issues.

Neighborhood plans must meet minimum requirements to be formally accepted by the Board of County Commission (BCC) and used as a guide for decision-making in the neighborhood planning areas. These requirements include initiation of a proposed plan by the BCC, public notice standards, community meetings, review of consistency with the Comprehensive Plan, review of the proposed plan by County Departments and a public hearing before the BCC.

Creating or updating a neighborhood plan takes a great deal of effort on the part of a community. Residents invest volunteer hours into a neighborhood planning process. To support residents’ efforts, the Planning Division offers varying levels of assistance to neighborhood groups in creating these plans. Upon request by a community group, the BCC will decide on the level of County assistance after a recommendation by the Planning Director.

To begin the process of creating a neighborhood plan, residents must meet with Planning staff to establish a framework to begin their plan.


For more information or to make an appointment regarding neighborhood planning, please contact the Planning Division at 233-5300.


Neighborhood Planning Projects:

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