Western Northlake Corridor Land Use Study Update


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In 1998, Palm Beach County and the Cities of Palm Beach Gardens and West Palm Beach adopted the Western Northlake Corridor Land Use Study (WNCLUS) in order to provide guidance as to appropriate land uses within the Northlake Boulevard area. The Study made a series of recommendations and resulted in an interlocal agreement between the Cities and the County. Many of the recommendations have been implemented, and the Study has served as a guide for land use and development decisions in the area.

In 2005, the County and the Cities decided that it is appropriate to update the Study. This is due to a recommendation to reassess the need for commercial uses, substantial changes in population and amount of potential non-residential development as well as other changes in the Study area. This update will ensure that a relevant guide to land use remains in the Western Northlake Corridor.

In 2008, a team comprised of staff from Palm Beach County, the Indian Trail Improvement District, and the cities of West Palm Beach and Palm Beach Gardens reinstated efforts to evaluate changed conditions since 1999, and determine need and supply of office and commercial space within the area of study. The team has agreed that the recommendations in the original study remain valid.

Palm Beach Gardens City Council approved Resolution 18, 2010 at the May 6, 2010 Council meeting approving the first amendment to the Interlocal Agreement.

West Palm Beach City Commission approved Resolution No. 170-10 at the September 7, 2010 Commission meeting authorizing the Mayor to execute the first amendment to the Interlocal Agreement.

Palm Beach County approved the first amendment to the Interlocal Agreement at the October 25, 2010 Board of County Commissioners public hearing.

The following documents provide a history of the Study.

1998 (June) Western Northlake Corridor Land Use Study (WNCLUS)
1998 (Sept) Resolution R-98-1502 (BCC Acknowledging WNCLUS)
 1999 (Feb) WNCLUS Status Report, BCC Memo
​ ​ 1999 (Feb) WNCLUS Status Report
1999 (April) Interlocal Agreement (R-99-695D)
1999 (Dec) Ordinance 1999-066 amending Comprehensive Plan

2010 Update
2007/2008 Memorandums of Understanding
2010 (Oct) Update, BCC Packet
2010 (Oct) First Amendment to Interlocal Agreement (R-2010-1754)