​​Municipal Workforce Housing Programs

These are residential developments with workforce housing units in both the Town of Jupiter and the City of Delray Beach. These two municipalities have requested the following developments be listed on the County Planning webpage.

These municipal programs are not part of the County's WHP and the municipal programs income ranges and rental rates may vary from the County's WHP. However, they are additional housing opportunities. Should you have questions about these municipal programs or their listed developments, each municipality has provided phone numbers to the appropriate department or staff person that can assist you.

  • City of Delray Beach​​
    • Staff Contact: 561-243-7280
    • Developments (click here​)
  • Town of Jupiter​
    • Staff Contact: Martin Schneider, Principal Planner, 561-741-2290, martins@jupiter.fl.us 
    • Barcelona Jupiter Apartments (75 WHP units) Phone: 888-271-5134
    • The Center at Abacoa (6 WHP units) Phone: 561-571-7956​​​
  • ​City of West Palm Beach
    • ​Staff Contact: Kimberly Spence, 561-822-1235, ksspence@wpb.org
    • Developments (click here​)